Karndean Knight Tile In Lime Washed Oak Bathroom- Floor De Lee

Prepping your subfloor for luxury vinyl tiles like this lovely light own oak in our Karndean Knight tile range is our speciality. While tiles can be purchased from a number of retailers, it is how we fit them that sets us apart from everyone else.

Our attention to detail in ensuring that your subfloor is perfectly level and also dry it very important. It is counterproductive to select a beautiful product and then have it fitted by an amateur. At Floor De Lee we have exacting standards for the fit. To begin we remove existing nails or protruding screws from your floor, then either we screed your subfloor using a smoothing compound or we use plywood and apply a feathering compound that fills the small space between the plywood panels. This is mostly used for rooms upstairs.

In new bathrooms like this, its best to tile before the toilet is put in. There is no need for cutting or removing skirting boards as the tile fits up against it. There is no need for a beading or a silicone gel edge either. A door frame may need to be slightly shaved a few millimetres to allow the tile to neatly sit under it, we have the ideal tools and skills to do this perfectly.

A primer is used when using screed, and finally, an adhesive would be applied for the precisely cut tiles to be fixed to the floor.

This room we did the following:-
Laid plywood & feathered subfloor
Undercutting of door architraves
Straight Plank Pattern – Karndean Lime Washed Oak – Knight Tile KP99

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